About Us!

The travel blog Milliver’s Travels was born in the summer of 2009 while writer Milli Thornton was studying a correspondence course about travel writing.

Enthusiasm absconded with her self-control and she couldn’t wait. Rather than follow the beaten path and try to get published by the industry, she decided she wanted to get going right away, publishing her own travel stories.

In a moment of unintended comic genius, Milli’s boyfriend Brian coined the name Milliver’s Travels and away she went. It started as a homely blog on Blogger.com, with one of those blogspot.com/your-name-here adresses and a header showing Milli visiting Niagara Falls.

The original header for this blog, started in 2009

The original header for Milliver’s Travels, started in 2009

One of her earliest posts was Kissing the Lucky Frog. This simple story was intended to set the tone for Milliver’s Travels as being a fun place to write.

Soon Milliver was dissatisfied with the lack of pizazz on Blogger.com. She acquired the domain name milliverstravels.com and switched to WordPress. She looked high and low—the choices among WordPress themes can be bewildering!—and finally chose a magazine-style theme that would showcase her travel photos.

Somehow, this solo adventure turned out to be infectious and it wasn’t long before Milli was hosting guest bloggers. Her first guest was writer George Angus (aka Tumblemoose) with his story Scenic Treasures: Sitka, Alaska.

Since that first heady summer, Milli has posted 60+ stories of her own and hosted 50+ stories from guest bloggers. From this pool of guest writers, a dedicated bunch of addicts have stayed on as staff. This companion site has been created for all current and future MT staff.

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